Sunday, August 23, 2020

 August 23, 2020

The Eleventh Sunday after Trinity

(Romans 11:33-36; Matthew 16:13-20)

Though I have heard this explanation previously, Rabbi Jonathan Cahn wrote about the infinity of God that I think is appropriate for today’s Epistle reading. “Oh, the depth of the riches and wisdom and knowledge of God! How inscrutable are his judgments and how unsearchable his ways!” Anyone who takes some time out of their busy life and allows their mind to wander freely and tries to think about God and who He is, this Epistle passage is very apropos. So, today rather than something to motivate you or teach you about something, this will merely be one of those just fun to think about type of sermons. 

Some of you have heard me remark that the Bible is not about how heaven goes, but how to go to heaven. Think about that a second and let it sink in. No human has been to heaven and been able to come back and write about it (at least proven and aside from Jesus), from a Biblical point of view. However, humans, by interaction from God (and Jesus, who also is God), have been able to write how to get there – how we are to conduct ourselves to get there. Here we are on our learner’s permit, and upon death, we receive our license to heaven – we hope!

Now, let’s get more confusing. 

God is one. And God is three. Mathematically speaking, it doesn’t seem to work. One can never equal three and three can never equal one. 

One plus one plus one equals three. One divided by three equals one-third, not one.

However, maybe we have the wrong equation. God is infinite. You can’t use that which is finite to comprehend the infinite. 

So, if we use the first equation and add the symbol of infinity next to each number, then what happens? (Okay, so if mathematics was your bad subject and I lost you with the first equation, much less with this, I am sorry. Wait for next week’s message.) 

So, now we have one infinity plus one infinity plus one infinity equals three infinities. How big is three infinities? It’s infinity. Three infinities equal one infinity – So three equals one!

For the second equation, using the same infinity symbol addition, one infinity divided by three equals one-third of infinity. What is one-third of infinity? Infinity! 

When we speak of God, we speak of the infinite. And one infinity and three infinities are equal. One-third infinity and one infinity are also equal. 

So, in the realm of God, the realm of the infinite, one does equal three and three equals one. You can never fit the infinite into the finite, and you can never get God inside of your understanding. If you could, then He wouldn’t be God. Then your understanding would be God. But God, by definition, must be greater than your understanding. (It’s why no one can explain the Trinity or how many Angels sit on the head of a pin!)

This should set us all free. We don’t have to figure God out. But there is a way that the finite can understand the infinite. How you ask? Believe! Have faith! 

We can never fully understand or know God, but we do not need to. Jesus made it clear that the fulfillment of the law was complete within Him. His death and resurrection fulfilled all of the law of the prophets. We need not do anything else except – wait for it – Believe in Jesus. What did Jesus say? Love the Lord your God (Matthew 22:37). What else? Love your neighbor as yourself (Matthew 22:39). And believe in Him (John 3:16).

So, we have a one∞ plus one∞ plus one∞ equals ∞ (infinity). Meaning, love of God (1) plus love of your neighbor (1) plus belief in Jesus (1) equals infinity, or eternal life in heaven.

We have all we need right in that equation. 

God Love You +++

++ The Most Rev. Robert Winzens

Pastor – St. Francis Chapel

San Diego, CA

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